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2nd Egyptian Son

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

(2009) Do you remember these two????? In the first photo pictured on the right is our dear friend, the late Fr. Evarist Lubega. May he rest in God's peace. With him is young Maged Monis. These photos were taken at the St. Martin de Porres Parish picnic in August of 2002. Maged was the second Coptic Rite Seminarian to visit us and spend time for a few weeks in Buffalo.

Both returned to the African continent later in 2002. Our dear friend Fr. Evarist died suddenly on May 1, 2005. He was only forty-five years old. May he rest in God's eternal peace. Maged went on to Cairo where he continued his studies for priesthood. When making our first missionary journey back in January of 2005, Maged was one of our hosts. His ordination was delayed for a few years. However May 8, 2009 brought great rejoicing in Cairo as Maged was ordained Abuna Maged Monis. We rejoice with him and are always excited to see his many posts on Facebook. Keep up the fine work Abni (son).


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