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A Piggery Project Indeed!

(2020) We first met Fr. Joseph Kasangaki when he was an associate Pastor of a parish community. Soon after we met him he was appointed the Diocesan Head of Youth Ministry and then later the head of Diocesan Communications. He performed his tasks well and efficiently. During our last visit in 2020 we were pleased to hear that he had again changed ministries and has taken on yet a new post as head of Diocesan Catholic Schools as well as being a Pastor of a Parish Community and Nursery School. While visiting he spoke about a

number of different initiatives that he was beginning in order to help his own school become more self-sustaining. One such initiative is the raising and eventual sale of livestock: pigs and chickens. He showed our group some of the structures they are currently able to begin with and wondered if we could advocate for them so that they may expand and reinforce the most simple beginning structures that they put in place.

Fr. Joseph provided us a detailed list of materials and costs. We at ROTA reached out and submitted his request to our friends at the St. Vincent Hope Fund. We kindly asked them to partner with us to make this self-sustaining project succeed. It didn't take long for them to agree and provide us with the funding to proceed with the project. Thanks be to God the project has been built and is producing livestock for sale to sustain the nursery school.


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