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(2024) People are just so generous with the donations of Time, Talent, and Treasure and we at ROTA try to organize small events to share what miracles we have been about and to say "Thank You" to our many benefactors and donors.

That's just what we did as on Sunday, June 23rd, fifteen people assembled to a gathering gratefully hosted by the Jesuit Community here in Buffalo, at Loyola Hall, to hear expressions of "Thanks" from Fr. Ron, ROTA's Executive Director and to also be thanked by the Most Reverend Serverus Jjumba, Bishop of Masaka, Uganda. The Masaka Diocese has been a Mission Partner of ROTA since we began working on the African Continent in 2004. A huge cistern well was our first international project at the St. Charles Lwanga, Butende Technical Institute (BTI) in Butende, Diocese of Masaka.

In addition to our time of "Thanksgiving," we also premiered our video promotional for our new international building project: The Koiyom (Medical) Residence in Aweil, South Sudan and reintroduce the "Golden Shovel Award" fundraising strategy. All donations toward our new building project are gratefully accepted.


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