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(2021) In our ministry at ROTA, this little line from the Gospel of Matthew 7:7 is lived out with each new mission project. Just at the beginning of December 2021, we received a grant request from one of our faithful mission partners. It seemed that our mission partners from Catholic Health in Masaka, Uganda has taken over care of 32,500 orphan children afflicted with HIV. These children were in several different locations and care for them and their medical needs would need some assistance with transportation. A grant proposal was received by ROTA with a rather high price point.

As soon as we received the request as well as evaluated our meager resources at the time, we knew that this would be one of those projects that may take a while to fulfill. It definitely would be a 2022 project. It was thought that it would take maybe the whole year to raise that amount of funds. That is unless a miracle would happen. We lifted the need up in prayer knowing as always that where God’s will was there was always a way.

Two weeks before Christmas I received a surprise call from a gentleman who reminded me that I met him while conducting ROTA’s Mission Appeals this past summer. I remembered him because I knew his brother and family. I gave him our website address and he told me that he was going to make a donation. Well as they say “out of sight, out of mind.” However, he remembered and searched for a contact for me. He indicated that he wanted to make a donation but wanted it to be used to assist people in another country. He shared with me that their family had done much for local charities already. I shared with him how we could receive that donation.

Unfortunately I was not available when he came to drop off his donation but when I looked at it I responded: “Thank You Lord!” The donation was much larger than most we receive and at the same time the total amount we needed to respond positively to this new transportation grant request. Before Christmas I quickly contacted our mission partners and told them that God has smiled upon their need. Currently the transportation vehicle is being outfitted with all the parts necessary for their needs.


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