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Clinic Residence Up-Date

(2024) It has only been a few short months but already the generosity and investment into our new building plan in Aweil has taken shape. At the end of November 2022 the ROTA Board of Directors accepted the challenge of providing the funding for the building the Koiyom Medical Residence which will be located in the town of Aweil. The board found it to be very compatible with our philosophy, that of making our mission partners independent of us and self-sufficient. With that approval we launched our second "Golden Shovel campaign encouraging donors to donated $1,500 individually and/or a $2,500 organization gift to enable this dream to be a reality. Many thanks to our donors who have responded in such a manner as well as the many of you, who, through your own generous gifts move us ever close to our goal.

After former "Lost Boy of Sudan" Fidele Dhan presented the proposal our Board accepted it, we began to create a budget for such a enterprise. After much discussion and review of Fidele's proposal we set our goal of $75,000 USD to complete the project.

Because of new developments in the town of Aweil, it was necessary to secure the land for the project. ROTA issued $3,000 USD in funds for purchase of the land for the building through our partners at South Sudan Villages Clinic. Thank you Fidele Dhan and our partners at South Sudan Villages Clinic for arranging for this important step.

Currently, the goal of our project remains $73,000 USD and with your generosity we are now 53% of our goal with just above $34, 000 USD to go. When not in use by visiting medical teams from the West, the facility will be rented our to partners of other NGOs (Non Government Organizations: working in Aweil town. The profits from the rental will supply the much needed medicines for the Koiyom Clinic. Our board has also approved an investment in the creating of a promotional video which will be able to be shared with some Catholic Secondary Schools in the area. Their fundraising efforts along with the ongoing support of our donors should assist us to accomplish our goals. Many thanks to a number of Youth Leaders who consulted with me just before Christmas. The idea of engaging the High School Communities in our campaign came from the collective wisdom of that group.

[Left to Right: Sample of proposed building, Pie Chart of our current financial accomplishment, and some Young people of Koiyom Village who will be assisted by the funds raised through the service of the clinic.]


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