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Hygiene Project at St. Cornelius PS

St. Cornelius Primary School was established in 1989 with the goal of "changing the lives of orphaned children to help them become educated and productive members of their communities and the world." This was intended to be accomplished by offering free primary and quality education to 530 parentless and vulnerable children in Serinya Parish in order to fight illiteracy, ignorance, and poverty.

A project proposal was submitted to ROTA back in May of 2022 asking us to consider their goal of constructing a five classroom block and pit latrines. Fr. Mayanja Xavier submitted a most substantial proposal complete with specified materials to be ordered and descriptions of the work that was needed to complete the project. The cost of the project however was many dollars over what ROTA could afford. However, due to some of our success at Mission Appeals in the Albany Diocese, our Board was able to approve the portion of the project for better Hygiene through the funding of the pit latrines.

Funds were wired the the work began. Many thanks to all of our benefactors who enable ROTA to continue, even in very small ways, to improve the lives of others throughout Africa.


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