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"Let There Be Light" And then There Was Light!

(2021) When ROTA had majorly completed the building project of the Medical Clinic in the Village of Koiyom, South Sudan, it was still missing a water tank, interior plumbing, and electric power. Former "Lost Boy" Fidele Diing Dhan founded another 501(c3) under the title of "South Sudan Villages Clinic" with supporters of his in Syracuse, NY. It was with their collaboration that two nurses, two midwives, and two physicians assistants were hired to begin the staffing of the clinic. However, when the sun set so did many of the clinic services due to the lack of electric power.

A call was made requesting that ROTA assist to help bring the gift of electric power to the clinic that we had built. We were able to raise one half of the amount needed $5,000 which enabled the project to start. Soon afterward the balance $5,000 was also provided. You can imagine our excitement when these photos were shared with us. The clinic shines brightly throughout the village of Koiyom as a real sign of hope.


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