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Lights, Camera, Action

(2013) During our second visit to the Masaka Diocese we had the pleasure to meet Fr. Joseph Kasangaki who was one of the parish priests. Just a short time later he was assigned as Director of Diocesan Communications. Publishing a hard copy color magazine was one of his major tasks. He was interested in expanding his communication ministry to include video and better photographic work. In order to accomplish these tasks he wrote a request proposal to ROTA requesting the funding for purchase of new equipment. After some consultation, monies amounting to $4,000 US dollars were freed up and were wired to him for his ministry.

We received this communication from him: Greetings from Masaka Diocese.........

I bought a Video camera Sony HDV mode, HDR FX 7 and a stereo camera Nikon D3100. These cameras together with their accessories summed up to 9,200,000/= equivalent to $3680 after being given discount. The 800,000/= equivalent to $320 that remained is to assist in the running of the Office.

I am happy to inform you that these equipments are so good and they have added value on our Office. I let you know that my Bishop Rt. Rev. John Baptist Kaggwa is so appreciative for your assistance to our Office and happy for he has seen me using these gadgets on Diocesan events. May God continue blessing you in your noble service."

We wish Father Joseph as well as all involved in the Diocesan Communications Ministry much success now and in the future. Blessings to our friends of Masaka Diocese.


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