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Medicine Store Expanding For Yet More Service to Many

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

(2019) It was only in 2012 that four of us from Buffalo made the journey to Masaka Uganda to attend the dedication of the Kitovu Medicine Store which ROTA constructed. In an agreement with a Church sponsored medical supply company in the Capital City of Kampala, this satellite building made medicines and medical equipment available to the thirty-three clinics and two hospitals operated by the Church of Masaka as well as supply many other clinics in the region. In six years the building has proven to be too small for the on going needs.

Thus Fr. Emmanuel approached the ROTA Development Group Board with a proposal for an expansion project that would almost double the size of the existing structure. This need became the subject of last year’s Mission Appeals for ROTA in Buffalo and Albany Diocese which generated enough funding to begin this awesome addition. With an additional $20,000 USD loan from one of our Buffalo Business People, work is well underway. ROTA will be bringing Fr. Emmanuel back to Buffalo this spring.


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