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Phase III: Floor Two

(2021) ROTA has had much success with our partners in the Mission Diocese of Masaka Uganda. Through our investment dollars we have assisted them in a number of different projects throughout the years. Just in February 2020 a local delegation was able to witness the completion of a Phase II plan that expanded the warehouse and built rentable office spaces at the Maska Diocesan Medical Offices LTD/Wholesale Pharmacy. The demand for medical equipment, supplies, and medicines is so high that when we finish a step in our development and rejoice in its completion, the needs challenge us to envision expansion of space to provide yet more services.

Phase I

Phase II

As I often say, ROTA does not make our partners in mission dependent upon us, rather, through our investment and development dollars, we assist them to help themselves. This has been witnessed again and again by our partners of the Masaka Diocesan Medical Offices. Phase I: Warehouse and local offices to receive medical equipment and distribute them to clinics and hospitals in the Masaka region was completed in 2012. Phase II Expansion Plans which built a much larger warehouse addition and a roll of rentable office spaces was just completed at the beginning of 2020. Now Phase III expansion is underway. This will add an additional floor of offices that will increase the Medical Office project revenue for upkeep and continual investment to sustain the good work that the project is able to accomplish. I'm sure we'll be invited very soon for the completion of this phase of the project and I know that our partners are already visioning for the future as well.


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