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Rain Down Your Love on Your People Oh Lord!

(2022) St. Noah Primary School is in the Kallungu district in Uganda, East Africa. It was initiated by the Catholic Church in 1989 to give opportunity to vulnerable children. The school's students are both boys and girls that number 543 with 17 staff. The parents of these children are financially poor. The majority of parents are involved with subsistence farming now made more difficult because of COVID. During COVID most schools were closed in Uganda for over a year. In order to reopen the school's have to demonstrate their ability to provide enough water for students not only for survival but for proper hygiene as well.

Before COVID water was fetched from natural water reservoirs often contaminated with water-borne diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid. The school has already four big classrooms from where enough clean rain water may be harvested. However, the area is so poor that the school lacks the support to change their situation. This is the second school that Fr. Joseph has brought to our attention and in later February he was requesting assistance to purchase and install three water tanks each of which could contain 10,000 liters/2,642 gallons. As always, after we print out these requests, we bring them up to our Lord in prayer.

It didn't take long for the funds to be secured so that this project could move forward. At the end of March 2022 funds were forwarded that allowed the school parents and staff to begin purchasing the gutters, cement, river sand, bricks, water collection pipes & boxes, and of course the water tanks themselves. The students were excited to help make this project a success.

In a short amount of time the bases were prepared for the three water tanks, the gutters and water pipes installed. Today the children have enough water to use both for cooking in especially their personal hygiene. Many thanks to all our benefactors at ROTA for providing the ongoing support that make such manifestations of God's blessings to "rain down" upon the children of these schools.

Fr. Joseph takes the time to visit with the students of St. Noah Primary school as they take a break from studies for some refreshments.


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