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ROTA Sponsored Seminarians And Then There Were Three

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

(2017) During a recent gathering of the Diocesan Priests in Buffalo for their annual Convocation, Christ the King Seminary Celebrated the Rite of Candidacy. The Admission to Candidacy rite offers the candidates for ordination the opportunity to publicly express their intention to receive ordination as a Deacon and later as a Priest. The aspirant composes beforehand and then signs and dates before the start of the rite in the presence of the Bishop a declaration in one's own hand stating his/her conscious intention to serve others in the Spirit of Compassionate Presence as an ordained cleric and is making this intention freely on his or her own accord. The Bishop also signs and dates this declaration attesting acknowledgement of receipt thereof in the name of the Church.

What a great joy it was for me to be present as Moses Ikuelogbon was welcomed to the future reception of Holy Orders. Congratulations Moses.

Denning Achidi spent ten weeks of his summer involved in a CPE: Clinical Pastoral Education Unit at a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. CPE is the primary method of training hospital and hospice chaplains as well as spiritual care providers. CPE is both a multicultural and interfaith experience that uses real-life ministry encounters of students to improve the ministry and pastoral care provided by caregivers and also assists in the personal grow of individual students.

Over the past few years ROTA has been assisting a Kenyan seminarian Richard Odour who is studying in Weston MA at the Pope John XXIII seminary and will be ordained for the Diocese of Torit in South Sudan. Their former Bishop now retired, Parade Taban visited us here in Buffalo. He is a most impressive man with an untiring spirit and fierce passion for Justice in South Sudan. As a layman, Richard had quite a bit of exposure to him and he was the one who asked if Richard would ever consider the priesthood. Richard did and was accepted by the Diocese of Torit. Grateful for the support from ROTA, Richard made his was to Buffalo to visit us May 12th. It was a quick weekend visit but to my surprise Richard was headed to Rome Italy for a one month program sponsored by his new Diocese. While in Rome, we had the opportunity to again meet for lunch. Deacon Richard will be ordained to the Priesthood in May of next year most likely in Kenya due to the civil disturbances currently underway in the newest republic of South Sudan.


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