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So Very Little Provides So Very Much

(2022) Last summer, former "Lost Boy" Fidele Diing, (pictured on right) along with a medical student from UB (University of Buffalo) School of Medicine, and another Doctor from Kenya (a previous story) were able to spend two weeks in intensive medical assistance for patients at the Koiyom Medical Clinic in South Sudan. The Clinic was built through the committed efforts of many youth from the Diocese of Buffalo and our very generous benefactors. Our non-for-profit partners of South Sudan Villages Clinic provide the funds for the medical staff. Recently, we were made aware that due to the massive medical needs of the country, the medicines once provided by the government health agency, would be discontinued. This, of course, provides a unique challenge for this medical care to continue.

Through the generosity of our donors, ROTA was able to forward $3,620 which was able to provide the clinic with a three month supply of life saving drugs and IV supplies. ROTA is very proud of all the dedicated efforts of former "Lost Boy" Fidele Diing Dhan over the many years and remains dedicated to the success of the Koiyom Medical Clinic. Your continued support of ROTA enables us to provide such life saving support such as this along with the many other outreach projects both in Africa and even here in the USA. May the Lord continue to bless you all as you bless others by your selfless generosity. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.......... Abuna, Fr. Ron


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