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St. Charles Nursery Water Project

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

(2021) ROTA received a request for assistance from Rev. Fr. Joseph Kasangaki of Masaka Diocese in Uganda. The request was approved and funded.

Description of the problem to be improved by this project

St. Charles Lwanga Nursery School and Day Care is situated in an area where access to water especially during the long dry season is a very big problem to all the people living here. Sometimes people end up sharing water with animals from the available water sources.

Despite the fact of that this area receives heavy rainfall, hired workers fetch water from distant natural reservoirs of about 1–2 Kms which is expensive for the school and time consuming as the workers delay due to long waiting lines. This water fetched from natural water reservoirs is contaminated with water-borne Diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid and Bilharzia. Consequently, many children fall sick from Cholera, Typhoid, Bilharzia, and other dirty water related Diseases.

The water demand in the area is currently high. All the water needed cannot be collected from the present water sources. This has created an acute water problem for children, staff, and nearby local communities. The need for water has increase with the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic. To be able to reopen from a lock down of schools we shall be required enough and clean water for proper sanitation.

The direct beneficiary of the project will be children of the school of 126, the Staff of 8 people, nearby Schools with about 1080 learners. This totals to approximately 1216 people.

The indirect beneficiaries are mostly the parents of children because they are to have their children study without any water disturbance and saved from diseases caused by lack of clean water. These are approximately 300. When you add on the Parishioners around the school that shall utilize project water especially when schools are for holidays, the total number of beneficiaries from the project go to approximately 2500 people.

Good enough the school already has two big classrooms from where enough clean water can be harvested, unfortunately the parents are low income earners and so much affected by covid 19 lock down cannot raise funds to buy the water tanks.

The tangible goal of the Project is to harvest rainwater from the available classroom buildings, store and supply rainwater to beneficiaries for improvement the hygiene and sanitation of the children, staff and the local community. And now with the school piggery project, collected water shall help in feeding pigs and cleaning up the structure.

The local Community is already mobilized to participate in the establishment of this project for they contributed food to the constructors. Parents shall contribute some materials like bricks, water and transport to be used in the construction of where to place the tanks. As a school we passed a resolution that a project proposal be forwarded to your kind Organization to be financially assisted to purchase two water tanks for harvesting rainwater on the available school building. When funds are received, two water tanks shall be bought each with capacity of 10,000 Liters. We shall purchase of all necessary Project materials like, gutters, cement, river sand, bricks, water collection pipes, water collection boxes etc. We shall construct the water tank bases and install the water tanks. We shall be fixing of gutters on the buildings and connecting them on water tanks.


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