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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

2010 brought many happy times for former refugees as graduations took place. Victor Habasshuti, left, pictured here with his brother Eric, graduated from UB this year. Victor and his brother Eric are both survivors of the Rwandan genocide. Victor oftentimes is a guest speaker and shares the incredible story of he and his brother’s survival and their joining his uncle and aunt’s family. That family made their way for safety to Buffalo, NY and now are quite successful. Victor’s aunt and uncle are on ROTA’s advisory board.

In 2010 Wol Akol Ayiy also graduated from Canisius College. Wol, his brother Madut and his mom were reunited to his dad who made Buffalo his home years earlier.

Graduating from ECC was SMDP Church Member, Aloor Arop, and Abuk Masham & Nyanlow Koul. Congratulations to one and all.


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