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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

(2012) One goal of most refugees who arrive in our area is taking advantage of the educational possibilities that exist here. As many make their way to USA citizenship, they also climb the academic latter of success enabling them to secure better employment, provide for their family, and become the new tax base for our own country. ROTA would like to congratulate the many who we know and have ministered to/with who have reached these milestones in their lives: ROTA Advisory Board Members: Jenaro O Aken—Canisius College and Benoit Kabayiza-D’Youville; also Lual Dut-UB; Aloor Arop-ECC; Ageeg Rual-Riverside HS; Madut Ayiy-St. Augustine Scholars, and the many more. God bless you all and continue to give success to the work of your hands…...


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