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"Out of Egypt I Called My Son"

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

In 2001 a young man from Egypt was visiting USA with the Maryknoll Missionaries. Fr. Douglas May, Maryknoll Missionary from Boston, NY taught for years in the Coptic Catholic Seminary in Cairo. He would bring a number of seminarians with him each year to the States. Their time was spent in "hands on" ministry opportunities around the country. They included a three week stay at a Diocese of Buffalo parish in order to acquaint them with the Western Latin Rite Mass and priestly life.

We were blessed to have Farah Fawsey join us at St. Bernadette in Orchard Park. In addition to acquainting him to Latin Rite Mass I was able to acquaint him with African American Worship by having him worship with St. Martin de Porres RC Church in the city of Buffalo. His stay with us was amazingly successful. As a result he invited me to Cairo in 2005 for his ordination to Coptic Rite Priesthood. The visit to Cairo was my first international experience and what a blessing it turned out to be.

Mr. Richard Ersing was my travel companion and in 2005 we arrived into Cairo taking up accomodations at the Coptic Catholic Seminary. Later that week we traveled to the Diocese of Souhag where we made our way to Farah's family home and Parish Church. To witness his ordination was a exquisit treat for both of us.

The Rite of Ordination began with the Procession and Farah preceded Bishop Youself. Farah's father brought forward the vestments for the ordination. It was most exciting to celebrate with all in Souhag.


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