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ROTA To The Rescue

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

(2018) When Fr. Joseph, the head of Communication of the Diocese of Masaka, Uganda had a terrible car accident he put his car into the shop. It took over a year for him to save about half of the repair costs. For a whole year he had to borrow vehicles and make other arrangements to be able to attend Diocesan functions and cover and report on them for the Diocesan Communications Office. He appealed to ROTA for assistance.

It took us a fair amount of time as well for we do not have a great deal of undesignated funds at our disposal. But Saints be Praised it’s now fixed and Fr. Joseph again can be traveling to all the Diocesan events more conveniently. Fr. Joseph is currently embarking upon a new initiative of starting a local Catholic Radio Station in order to proclaim the Good News to many more people even in remote parts of his Diocese. Blessings…..


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